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Not All Computer Repair Stores are created equal. More than just expert repair staff, LanLabs has been a manufacturer of custom computers and servers since 2002.

Fastest gaming computers, business computers with unmatched reliability, home computers with industry leading value and servers for mission-critical jobs where performance and reliability matter.

LanLabs Computer Repair Services stem from our rich history of providing mission critical server solutions and industry leading custom computers. Our techniques and experience focus on providing a reliable and long lasting repair, while preventing future problems. We opened our first repair store in roughly 2007 and realized right away we had a better way to do things…

“Computer repair has become a scandalous industry of overcharging, break/fix scams and misdiagnosis - Usually providing the user with an overpriced bandage rather than a reliable solution."

At LanLabs you will always receive a FREE expert diagnosis and a total repair, not just patchwork.

Maintenance Packages   3 Year Computer Warranty    Certified Computer Repairs

  • Maintenance Contracts with a GUARANTEED 99.9% Uptime
    Only computer repair company in the country to offer such a reliable guarantee

  • Three Year Warranty on New Computers with Lifetime Support
    Three Year Full Coverage Warranty at no extra cost with FREE Lifetime Support - Our Warranty is longer and much more generous than our competitors, offering NO LABOR costs ever on services we provide. This means Data Recovery, Virus Removal, Software Assistance, and more...

  • Certified Computer Repairs of all major brands, such as Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and more...
    Our trained technicians stay current on all major brands and hold numerous certifications. At LanLabs we believe a service industry should service the customer and a computer should be a tool of great productivity. Strange notions in today’s world...

  • Call Today to see what LanLabs can do for your computing experience: 516.665.2204

The truth is LanLabs can make these claims because this is not new to us. Our background in competitive gaming, engineering and global connectivity led us to live up to mission critical standards for over a decade. Large industry has solutions that offer its networks 99.9% uptime - Now LanLabs has brought those techniques to the consumer and small business markets.

Custom Computer Manufacturer
Industry Leading Warranties & Performance

  Custom Computer SilverStone Raven

Custom Computer Manufacturing is how LanLabs made its name. While we are known for the most powerful gaming computers in the country, we are a value added asset to anyone who wants reliability, value and no hassle service. Visit our Custom Computer Store and see the difference a LanLabs PC can make for your home or business.

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Future Beta Inc. (LanLabs parent company) is a full service online SEO marketing firm that pioneers a total solution, at a competitive price. As you grow, we grow. No long contracts, no excuses.

Used Computers

In-Store Computer Closeout. Want the best deals on overstock equipment, left over's, used computers and more?! Check our closeout specials here: Used Computer Store.

Used LanLabs computers sold here are covered by the same great support service as our new computers. Call your sales rep for details. Parts, peripherals and equipment are sold "as-is" unless otherwise stated.

Commercial Network Repair
From a Small Business, Like Yours
Commercial Network Repair

One of the fundamental attributes to servicing small business, is knowing small business needs. We are a Long Island NY small business. We do not entrust your network and computer service to an entry level employee. Small business accounts are always monitored by executive staff.

If we do not have a service plan to fit your needs, we will create one with you. Ensuring you have peace of mind and guaranteed 99% uptime at a cost you can live with.

Recent studies have shown small business owners see computers as an annoying, draining, yet necessary part of business today. This is not true at LanLabs. Computers should be a productive and cost efficient part of your business, allowing you to do more than just pay for upkeep. Consultation is always free, so ask us today how we can help your small business!