Online Marketing | SEO & PPC

Online Marketing has been riddled with misconceptions, software guided sweat shops and scams for over a decade now. However, there are a few of us that remain purists and attain market leading results for our clients. So before you choose an SEM (Search Engine Marketer) to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website, ask to see some results.

Can your SEM do this?

Show for 51.19% of a highly competitive industry within 90 days of launch for only .32¢ per click!?

Or how about Top 4 for the entire Marine Industry for only .21¢?

LanLabs has been achieving these results for nearly 20 years (when Google was still a conceptual sketch on a napkin). Award winning Search Engine Marketing through meticulous optimization, achieving "impossible" results - and proving it time and time again.

Not just an SEO or an SEM, we are business owners who sell custom computers in a highly competitive environment. So we understand business, thus allowing us to provide practical and actionable marketing for our clients.